Mike Runde
Hall of Fame Enshrinee Information
Mike Runde
Inducted: 2011

Years at Loras: 1966-1970
Sport: Football (Club)

  College students are often looked upon by their elders as young and naive, green, and occasionally even incapable of having any impact outside of the classroom or library while receiving their post-secondary education.

If anyone ever thought those things about Mike Runde from 1966-70, they were sadly mistaken.

A member of the baseball team for three seasons, the student senate, and president of his fraternity, Runde always seemed to see the "big picture" on the Loras College campus and came to a realization late during his time with the Duhawks that the quiet Saturday afternoon's inside Rock Bowl didn't need to remain a reality.

Runde is the man responsible for lining up the series of dominos to be knocked down in order to bring Loras College football back to campus after it disappeared following the 1959 season.

The main factors fueling Runde's efforts were simple.

Other club football programs in the Midwest were successfully run by student governments and organizations – and they were tied to a governing body in the National Club Sports Association (NCSA). Loras already enrolled talented athletes who could compete in the immediate future, as well as the student body craving the opportunity to participate.

As Jim Berry wrote in The Lorian in February of 1970, Runde's primary task was "to expose the interest which already existed and to give it direction and organization."

He may have earned his degree in Economics, but Mike Runde's work as an architect is the work for which every Duhawk football player since 1970 should be thankful.

Runde currently resides in Leesburg, Virginia where he is the President and Founder of World Trade Center Holdings, Inc. located in the Washington Dulles Airport region.