Hall of Fame Enshrinee Information


Inducted: 1983
Years at Loras: 1914-17
Sport: Football Coach
  • A captain at Notre Dame, Dorias was credited with developing the forward pass. It was in a game against the heavily-favored Army team at West Point in 1913 that Dorais unleashed the forward pass. He was the quarterback connecting to his sticky-fingered end Knute Rockne in the Irish's 35-13 upset of the Cadets.
  • Coached Loras to a 17-9-2 record in four seasons before returning to Notre Dame as Knute Rockne's assistant head coach. Dorias success did not stop on the gridiron, as he coached the Loras' cagers to a 29-17 in fours years.
  • Dorais later went on to coach the Detroit Lions of the National Football League, where he posted a 20-31-2 record in five seasons