Football All-Americans


Alex McGrew All-America Honorable Mention - RB
2006-07 Brock Hall Don Hansen's Football Gazette, 3rd Team
2005-06 Ross Dillavou First Team
Gagliardi Trophy Finalist
2001-02 Chris Miller Hewlett-Packard Second Team DB
Football Gazette Second Team DB Third Team
1997-98 Shane Davis Hewlett-Packard First Team RB
Football Gazette First Team RB
American Football Quarterly First Team RB
1996-97 Julius Robinson Hewlett-Packard Second Team OL
Football Gazette Third Team OL
1993-94 Travis Michels Football Gazette Third Team LB
1993-94 Kendall Griffin Football Gazette Special Mention WR
1993-94 Perry Speros Football Gazette Special Mention OL
1991-92 Tim Keane Champion Honorable Mention DB
1989-90 Chris Gardner Pizza Hut Honorable Mention PK
1989-90 Brian Kult Pizza Hut Honorable Mention LB
1986-87 Mike Galiardo Pizza Hut Honorable Mention WR
1985-86 John Coyle NAIA Honorable Mention DL
1985-86 Dave Dietz NAIA Honorable Mention QB
1985-86 Dan Shey NAIA Honorable Mention LB
1985-86 Jim Drew NAIA First Team P
Kodak First Team
1985-86 Kevin Rouse NAIA Honorable Mention
1983-84 Paul Edmeier NAIA II Second Team
1983-84 Mark Eisbach NAIA Second Team
1982-83 Dan Edmeier NAIA Second Team
1981-82 Mike McDermott NAIA All-America
1980-81 Dick Cody NAIA All-American
1976 Don McCormack NCSA All-American
1976 Stan Siemionko NCSA All-American
1976 Dan Rigdon NCSA All-American
1976 Jerry Ross NCSA All-American
1975-76 Jeff Heissel NCSA All-American
1975-76 Claude Maddox NCSA All-American
1975-76 Phil LaMere NCSA All-American
1975 Mario Rodriguez NCSA All-American
1974-77 Greg Capell NCSA All-American
1974-75 Tony Topf NCSA All-American
1974-75 Andy Anello NCSA All-American
1974 Jim Sudbeck NCSA All-American
1974 Tom Hanson NCSA All-American
1974 Mike Krause NCSA All-American
1974 Phil Mikaitis NCSA All-American
1973-74 Ted Peterson NCSA All-American
1973 Terry Langan NCSA All-American
1973 John Leonard NCSA All-American
1973 John Tofanelli NCSA All-American
1973 Bob Paul NCSA All-American
1973 Mark Keeney NCSA All-American
1972 Steve Murray NCSA All-American
1972 T.J. Barton NCSA All-American
1972 George Skizas NCSA All-American
1972-73 Joe Schiesl NCSA All-American
1972, 1974-75 John McIntosh NCSA All-American
1972, 1974-75 Bob Lane NCSA All-American
1972 Mike Franz NCSA All-American
1971 Jim Lintz NCSA All-American
1970-72 Tom Swab NCSA All-American
1959-60 Matt Wolniewicz All-Catholic All-American
1958-59 Bob Timmerman All-Catholic honorable mention
1956-57 Bob Timmerman Catholic All-American 2nd team
1956-57 Jim Oppold Little All-American Honorable Mention OT
1956-57 Dan Ahearn Little All-American Honorable Mention
1956-57 Jim Ball Catholic All-American Honorable Mention
1955-56 Bob Frommelt Little All-American Honorable Mention;
Catholic Small College Player of the Year
1955-56 Dan Ahearn Little All-American Honorable Mention
1955-56 Ben Griswold Little All-American Honorable Mention
1954-55 Bob Frommelt Little All-American Honorable Mention;
Catholic All-American Honorable Mention
1954-55 Bernie Parrington Catholic All-American Honorable Mention
1953-54 Bob Gilbert Catholic All-American
1947-48 Bob Hanlon Associated Press Little All-American First Team
1947-48 Jimmie Arneberg Associated Press Little All-American Honorable Mention