Kult steps down as longtime throws coach
Mon, Jun. 17, 2013 - [Track]

After 16 seasons as a member of the Loras College Track & Field coaching staff, Tom Kult (Class of 1996) recently stepped down from his position with the throwers. Kult is a professor in the Sport Science programs and plays a major role in the now 31-year-old Loras All Sports Camp in the summers in addition to his coaching duties. As a result of the change, Tom will be able to have more time with his young family. 


"What can I say…," head track and field coach Bob Schultz said last week, "the guy is arguably one of the best throws coaches in the country. There is no question he will be missed."


"He took so many average throwers and made them great. He took some good throwers and made them All-Americans and National Champions. He did everything a coach can do in this sport."


Kult's coaching resume includes two national champions (including a meet record and an Athlete/Meet), 24 All-Americans, 51 Iowa Conference Champions, and 125 national qualifiers. He also holds the Loras indoor shot put record from his time in a Loras uniform. He also sits second all-time on the outdoor shot put list and owns a top ten discus throw.


Kult was a national qualifier five different times and was also an All-American during the 1996 season.