Duhawks gather for friendly “Minute To Win It” competition for Div. III Week
Chris Lewis, Sarah Small, Alexis Seth, and Jesse Hendrickson claimed victory
Chris Lewis, Sarah Small, Alexis Seth, and Jesse Hendrickson claimed victory
Thu, Apr. 11, 2013 - [Loras]

When you get a room full of student-athletes together, the common ground they share is the thrill of competition and chasing victory. That's what a large portion of Loras' more than 400 student-athletes did on Wednesday night in the AWC. When the clock on game day hits one minute, players sometimes battle racing hearts, high stakes, and yearn for the chance to bring the crowd to their feet. All of those things were in play during the 10 different "Minute To Win It" games on Lillis Court Wednesday. 


From April 8-14, the Loras College Duhawks and the other 400+ institutions are celebrating Division III week. There was a great turnout with representation from every team on campus in the AWC Wednesday night. The "Minute To Win It" games that were played were; This Blows, Dicey, Tweeze These, The Nutstacker, Bucket Head, Caddy Stack, Defying Gravity, Get Forked, Puddle Jumper, and Shoe Fly Shoe Fly.


The event was coordinated by Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) members Kelly Rogowski, Regan Riley, and Hailey Varner. Athletes stepped outside of their comfort zones and teamed up with their peers from sports other than their own. SAAC members took the opportunity to gather Duhawks and celebrate connection as athletes at Loras through exciting and amusing competitions.


The winning team was Chris Lewis (Wrestling), Sarah Small (Women's Soccer), Alexis Seth (Softball) and Jesse Hendrickson (Men's Basketball) - pictured above. 


Below are some quotes offered by participants.


Stephanie Czarobski, Senior, Swimming: "My favorite game was Bucket Head. It was difficult because it posed a challenge but was very engaging for all of my teammates."


Regan Thies, Senior, Softball: "My favorite game was Puddle Jumper. Everyone was getting really into the game and we could cheer each other on and support each other."


Bob Quinn, Athletic Director: "This is a great opportunity for our student athletes to get together to celebrate DIII week and have fun."


Jake May, Freshman, Basketball: "It was a lot of fun tonight.  I got to meet some new people, play fun games and win. My favorite game was the balloon game, Defying Gravity, because I was pretty good at it."


Ben Cochran, Freshman, Soccer : "My time here was very fun. I got to meet new people. Making it to the finals was pretty intense but fun at the same time."


Watch some of the competitions below, including the final event - Shoe Fly Shoe Fly tiebreaker.





"Hand of Jorge" incident at the :26 mark.