Pete Weber ('08) - Golf (Player of the Year), History
Tue, Apr. 9, 2013 - [Men's Golf]

For Division III Week 2013 – April 8-14 – we've elected to turn to our alumni to find out directly from them what they enjoyed most about their Loras experiences. They've taken the time to reflect on what they discovered and  developed – as well as the dedication they demonstrated - while a Duhawk. We'll take some trips down memory lane all week. The request was an open ended reflection on their college years in the purple and gold.


Pete Weber - Class of 2008

Men's Golf Team 2002-2005

2005 NCAA Division III Jack Nicklaus Award Player of the Year recipient

2005 Cleveland Golf Academic All American

2005 GCAA/Ping First Team All American

2004 GCAA/Ping All American Honorable Mention

2005 GCAA /Ping All Region

Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference All Conference 2003, 2004, 2005

Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Player of the Year 2005


"Discover:  After spending four years on active duty in the Marines, being a Duhawk in Division III athletics allowed me to discover how a balanced approach to life is beneficial. I've always wanted to be the best golfer on the course, but the Duhawk lifestyle quickly showed me that balancing all aspects life is better in the long run.  Athletics can't be everything.  And the supportive environment at Loras allowed me to discover how great things can be in life when balance is attained.  My current job as an Assistant Golf Professional requires that I balance all of my duties, yet also balance my personal life so that it doesn't negatively affect my professional life. 


Develop:  My time at Loras and in Division III athletics allowed me to further develop my passion for the game of golf, by showing me that the lessons learned through my own improvement during my Duhawk career could be transferred to helping others do the same.  In three years I went from a relatively unknown golfer in the Iowa Conference to being named the National Player of the Year.  I loved that process, and I love helping other golfers develop their own improvement process.  Without the support of the Loras community, and especially individuals like Denise Udelhofen, none of that would have been possible.  Being a Duhawk helped me develop the fundamental belief that you get out what you put in.


Dedicate:  In Division III golf in the Midwest, you have to be dedicated to constant, year-round improvement, just like all other sports.  But those of us who grew up playing in the Midwest know that we have only a 6-7 month season where we can play on our normal 'court'.  I learned that I had to be dedicated to being creative as to how to continue to improve, despite not being able to play or practice regularly.  What that dedication taught me was that I have to continue to be creative to keep improving at everything I do.  I have to be dedicated to being better at something today than I was yesterday.  


My Duhawk experience was unique in that I quickly found out that Division III athletics was very much like what I experienced as a Marine. If you performed, you were rewarded.  If I worked hard and produced results, then I earned my spot on the team.  No scholarship considerations came into play."


Upon the completion of his collegiate playing career, Pete briefly tried his craft as a playing professional before returning to Loras to complete his degree and work in the athletic department. He is now an Assistant Club Professional at Cress Creek Country Country Club in Naperville, Illinois.


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