Mary Beth Wiskus ('00) - Volleyball, Math/Secondary Education
Mon, Apr. 8, 2013 - [Women's Volleyball]

For Division III Week 2013 – April 8-14 – we've elected to turn to our alumni to find out directly from them what they enjoyed most about their Loras experiences. They've taken the time to reflect on what they discovered and  developed – as well as the dedication they demonstrated - while a Duhawk. We'll take some trips down memory lane all week. The request was an open ended reflection on their college years in the purple and gold. 


Mary Beth Wiskus

Graduation year: 2000

Major:  (2) Mathematics, Secondary Education

Sport: Volleyball


"Loras jump started my life. My time there challenged me to discover who I wanted to be, helped me to develop a solid foundation to be the person I wanted to be and then challenged me to dedicate my time to the things that I valued the most. Loras was a welcoming environment from the first moment I stepped on campus. It is made up of a great community of people who are there with a friendly smile anywhere you go.


I discovered my closest friends while at Loras and I still value those friendships as priceless. Loras' campus if filled with people who do little things with a caring heart and I discovered that I would like to be like that too. I continue to value the little things that people do for others today.


Through all of the classes and activities that Loras offered, I felt like I was challenged to develop as a person socially, spiritually and intellectually. Through volleyball, intramurals (Go All Stars!), student council, retreats, tutoring, and being a teacher assistant I was pushed to learn new things about myself. I still carry what I learned while on campus at Loras in the little things I do today. 


I played volleyball all 4 years while I was at Loras. Volleyball taught me that dedication to a team was more important than myself. It also taught me the importance of hard work and a positive attitude. There is so much that I continue to learn through volleyball and that is why I coach the sport at the high school level today!  


I still remember the retreat that I did my sophomore year.  It challenged me to reconnect with my faith and reminded me of what is important in life. I also enjoyed the opportunity to celebrate mass on campus while at Loras. All these things helped me in shaping my faith and led me to discover that faith is a key component in the education of the whole person. Today I am a high school math teacher and varsity volleyball coach at Dowling Catholic High School. I choose to teach at a Catholic school because I enjoy the opportunity to now share my faith with my students and athletes each day like the teachers did with me while I was at Loras.


I grew as a person through the education that I received at Loras. It was very challenging. My Mathematics classes made me grow intellectually and taught me the importance of dedicating my time to academics. I spent many hours in the (old) Loras library and found that the hard work paid off. After college I went to grad school full time and felt very prepared to be successful because of the work ethic and knowledge that was instilled in me while at Loras."


Mary Beth Wiskus is also a part of Loras' Council of Athletic Alumni – a focus group comprised of former student-athletes at Loras College. The group meets on campus twice each year to discuss all aspects of ways move the department forward - in the classroom and on the athletic fields - and to preserve the relationship former student-athletes have with Loras College.  


*Loras, as a Catholic liberal arts college, creates a community of active learners, reflective thinkers, ethical decision-makers, and responsible contributors in diverse professional, social, and religious roles.*