Fri, Nov. 2, 2012 - [Wrestling]

The Loras College wrestling team will host their annual season-opening Loras Open on Saturday at the Five Flags Center in downtown Dubuque with over a dozen schools sending grapplers to the event. Both presidential candidates have events scheduled in Dubuque (county) and one is being held blocks from the Five Flags Center. Please view this note and accompanying map regarding parking and entrance to the venue. 


The event is set to begin at 9:30 am.


·         NO parking is allowed anywhere along Locust or Bluff from 8AM -8PM

·         Locust and Bluff will be closed to traffic  from 10AM to 8PM (between 5th and 8th Streets)

·         Your buses will still be able to park along the south side of 5th street at the "bagged meters"

·         4th street parking, as well as the rest of downtown, will still be available

·         Remember the Five Flags Parking Ramp is open and free to all affiliated with Loras Open Wrestling Tournament


Thank you in advance for your cooperation in and understanding during this busy time.

We're proud to call Dubuque home – and remember – Dubuque is an All-America City in 2012!