Q & A with new women's lacrosse coach Emily Goetz
Tue, Jan. 31, 2012 - [Women's Lacrosse]

Emily Goetz is settling into her new role as the first head coach of the Duhawks' women's lacrosse team. Duhawks.com took a few minutes to get to know Goetz the person and Goetz the coach a little bit better with a Q & A this week. Here's what the former Division III student-athlete and newest member of the coaching staff had to say...


.com: What style or coaching philosophy will you implement?

EG: My philosophy goes hand in hand with the division III philosophy that you are a student first and foremost and an athlete second.  There is also an expectation that all players will treat others  with the highest amount of respect, trust and care.


.com: What is the most exciting part about starting a program from scratch?

EG: The most exciting thing about starting a program is getting to build it into whatever you want.  It allows you to be creative and build the type of program you would want to play for.  Along with this, your team gets to create the traditions that will span the programs lifetime.  Imprinting the program is definitely the most exciting part.


.com: What about Loras College has impressed you as you've seen the campus community? Your first impression?

EG: The facilities were absolutely beautiful and I was greeted by so many people who had such a genuine nature about them.


.com: Any ideas about what your first practice will look like?

EG: Structured, but fun


.com: What about your experience as a student-athlete playing lacrosse at Redlands will help you the most as a head coach?

EG: One of the greatest things about being a student-athlete at Redlands was having a coach who supported me in everything I did.  She was a great mentor to me and continues to be to this day (8 years later).  I hope to instill that same kind of care and mentorship to my athletes.


.com: Who do you lean on for advice - in life and in lacrosse?

EG: My family has given me a lot of great advice that has made me wiser beyond my years in a lot of areas in my life.  In lacrosse, I was very lucky to play with a lot of very smart and talented women at Redlands who have all given back to the sport of lacrosse in youth, HS and college programs.   I rely heavily on them for their advice and support. 


.com: What is one misconception of lacrosse that fans need to be clear on from the beginning?

EG: That women's lacrosse is non- contact.  It's very different than men's lacrosse.  They could basically be two different sports.


.com: What rule of the game will the new lacrosse fan have a hard time understanding?

EG: "Across the body" which is reaching across an opponent to check.   This one seems to happen a lot and causes the game to stop and go frequently.


.com: Tell us some of your favorite things - movies, hobbies, etc.:

EG: I love movies that make you feel something, there's always some drama from Netflix lying around my house.  I love running and traveling, and love it more when my dog comes with me.  I'm an animal lover.  As for hobbies, I spend a lot of my time snowboarding and have really been focusing more on backcountry snowboarding, I love its combination of danger and hard work.