Duhawks score perfect 15 team points to win Tucker Invite
Mon, Oct. 18, 2010 - [Men's Cross Country]
Loras 1st of 5

The Loras College cross country team won the 2010 Dr. Robert Tucker Invitational on Friday afternoon, scoring a perfect 15 points as a team.

Dan McDermott won the individual title in a time of 25:45, coming in 14 seconds ahead of second place Jerry Olp. Olp came in at 25:59 and had Austin Steil, Chris Higgins, and Tom Henders behind him to complete the top-five result. Ryan Engelman was sixth, Ted Wittman was eighth, and Dain Leytem ninth.

Jim Vonnahme and Loras alum Mike Higgins rounded out the top ten in seventh and tenth place.

Loras finishes:

McDermott, 25:45

Olp, 25:59

Steil, 26:27

Higgins, 26:34

Henders, 26:36

Engelman, 26:44

Wittman, 27:01

Leytem, 27:06

Bukszar, 27:51

Connelly, 27:52

Miller, 28:13

Schaffer, 28:16

Carr, 28:31

Schmall, 28:50

Finnegan, 28:54

Schmitz, 28:59

Chapman, 29:01

Squiers, 29:16

Furco, 29:26

Hughes, 29:50