Brittney Cato - What I'm Doing With My Summer
Cato is working in the Domestic Crimes Division
Cato is working in the Domestic Crimes Division
Mon, Jul. 12, 2010 - [Women's Basketball]

From time to time this summer, Dewey the Duhawk will take flight to check in with student-athletes as he did last summer. To begin our summer of 2010, we head to Chicago and catch up with women's basketball player Brittney Cato. Cato, a sophomore in the upcoming 2010-11 season, averaged seven minutes of game time in her 26 appearances this season. She compiled 13 points, 10 assists, 20 rebounds, and six steals in 2009-10.

Dewey Duhawk: What sport do you play at Loras?

Brittney Cato: Women's Basketball

DD: What is your major/year are you at Loras?

BC: I'm a double major, English and Spanish

DD: Where is your summer position?

BC: The Cook County State's Attorney's Office, the Domestic Crimes Division, Chicago, Illinois

DD: Your living arrangements this summer?

BC: I'm living at home

DD: You learned about this position from/by…?

BC: My father

DD: Your official title is?

Summer Clerk  

DD: You took this position because…?

BC: I am interested in going to law school after college, and by interning at the Cook County State's Attorney's Office I am able to get a closer look at a specific part of the legal system and am also able to feed my curiosity about this occupation, which makes me certain that it is a career I would like to pursue.

DD: Your primary job duties/responsibilities are?

BC: I assist the Assistant State's Attorneys during bond court and during the screening process.

DD: The best part about your job is what?

BC: Through this internship I have learned how prevalent domestic violence is and how it affects a variety of people from different cultures, backgrounds, and sexes. The rewarding part about doing my job is being able to participate in helping the people that come into the office.

DD: The most challenging part of your job is…?

BC: The most challenging part of my job is watching women come into the screening process bruised and beaten and listening to the stories they have to tell. It is also hard to watch a good amount of the domestic battery cases dropped throughout the process, for a variety of reasons.

DD: What is your favorite part about the job so far?

BC: Being able to closely follow the Assistant State's Attorney's and learn more about what their job entails.

DD: One thing my team/teammates/coaches at Loras taught you that you are taking into this position is?

BC: By bringing a team first mentality to my internship, I'm better able to assist the state's attorneys by doing whatever it is they need to make their job easier.

DD: What's one thing you've learned that you are taking back to your team/teammates/coaches at Loras is?

BC: I've learned how crucial details are in the courtroom and screening process. By bringing that back to the court and my team, I can better emphasize to my teammates and myself how the smallest detail can make the biggest difference. 

DD: How is this internship going to prepare you for your future?

BC: This internship gives me confidence by showing me what I am capable of at this point in my life and in the future. Being around other undergraduates, law students, and lawyers, gives me a visual of what I want to be when I'm older. Even if I end up choosing a different career path, this internship has improved my communication and analytical skills - skills that will help me wherever I go!

Thanks Brittney! And good luck with the Duhawks basketball team in 2010-11.