Gries heads to City of Angels for eight weeks
Tue, Jun. 2, 2009 - [Men's Swimming/Diving]

Loras College Sports Information Office
June 2, 2009

Throughout the summer of 2009, we will be filling you in on what our Duhawk student-athletes are doing with their summer internships. We'll answer some common questions, learn a little bit about what their duties require of them, and hopefully share some interesting photos along the way. Dewey the Duhawk will handle the interviews.
For your first installment, we introduce you to Zach Gries. Zach is a junior in 2009-10 on the men's swimming team at Loras and will be a co-captain of the squad this year.
Dewey the Duhawk: What sports(s) do you play at Loras?
Zach: I swim.
DtD: What is your major and what year are you at Loras?
ZG: I'm a junior and I'm majoring in Public Relations.
DtD: Where is your summer position (company or business location, etc.)?
ZG: I'm interning for an organization called Cashmere Agency in Los Angeles, California.
DtD: What are your living arragements?
ZG: I'll actually be living in a dorm-suite at U.C.L.A..
DtD: How did you learn about this position?
ZG: An internship advisor from the University of Dreams notified me about the position.
DtD: Your official title is...?
ZG: I'm not exactly sure (laughing)...
DtD: You took this position because...?
ZG: I wanted to make sure my internship experience was worthwhile and that I learned a lot from it. I was also looking at applying at some bigger firms, but my advisor said that smaller firms usually offer a wider range of experiences.
DtD: Who is your supervisor and what is their title?
ZG: I have a few. Sueng Ching is the president of Cashmere and Misty and Kosta are both Marketing Directors - they have all been working with me.
DtD: Your primary job duties/responsibilities are?
ZG: Posting in online blogs, websites, forums, and uploading videos, among others.
DtD: What's the best part about your job?
ZG: I've never really worked online like this, so I'm learning a lot. And, I get to use Facebook while I work!
DtD: The most challenging part about your job is...?
ZG: It is a lot of time spent in front of the computer, and it can get redundant with the typing and staring at the computer screen.
DtD: What is your favorite part so far?
ZG: Definitely using Facebook as a promotional tool
DtD: Name something your parents wanted to know about once you arrived and started working.
ZG: How safe I would be in L.A..
DtD: What is something your team at Loras, teammates, or coaches have taught you that you are taking with you into the position?
ZG: I think they have prepared me by inspiring me to work hard.
DtD: Name something you will take back with you to your team, teammates, or coaches when you return to Loras.
ZG: Everything that goes along with being a part of new experiences.
DtD: Everyone is excited about boosting their resume, but tell us something that you feel will really prepare you for your "future".
ZG: A few months ago, I was really interested in moving to Los Angeles after I graduate. I think living out here for these eight weeks will really give me a better idea about whether or not I want to be out here permanently.
Congratulations to Zach on landing his intership in Tinseltown and best of luck with Cashmere Agency! Check back with us next Monday for Volume II of What I'm Doing With My Summer, hosted by Dewey the Duhawk.